About CCL

CCL is a scalable cross-platform application framework for development in modern C++, supporting all major desktop and mobile platforms, as well as RTOS and bare metal systems. Continuously evolving for over 20 years, it's currently used in 40+ professional products and running daily in more than 250,000 embedded devices.

The first version of CCL was created by Matthias Juwan in 1999. The framework is distributed and maintained by CCL Software Licensing GmbH based in Hamburg, Germany. PreSonus is a contributor since 2009. CCL stands for "Crystal Class Library".

Commercial licensing options coming soon.



CCL is distributed and maintained by CCL Software Licensing GmbH.


20th anniversary of CCL coinciding with the 10th anniversary of PreSonus' flagship application Studio One based on the framework.


New High-DPI graphics engine based on Direct2D. Initial support for Android platform.


Initial support for iOS platform, multi-touch, and embedded Linux.


10th anniversary of CCL. The framework is licensed to PreSonus Software Limited.


CCL is licensed to KristalLabs Software Limited, a start-up company co-founded by Matthias Juwan.


Third version of CCL for K2 project with initial support for the Mac platform.


Second version of CCL for Cash Manager 2 and KRISTAL Audio Engine freeware applications.


First version of CCL for the Windows platform developed by Matthias Juwan for his diploma thesis at engineering school.